A problem we on the city council have been working on is how do we communicate or get the word out to oure citizens. We have been looking at several way to do this and finally decided upon CodeRed.

CodeRed is a method of communicating all types of message notifications to our community. When an event occurs in our community, CodeRed is easy to use and an effective means of notifying you. CodeRed is an immediate multi-channel communication solution that allows communications to be sent from our police, fire and public works departments to our citizens and visitors, no matter where they are in the community. Whether communicating routine or emergency news, CodeRed allows us to quickly, within seconds, alert you with actionable information using a single interface.

The majority of us today have a mobile phones. It is very easy to go to the Apple Store or Google Play and download a free copy of the CodeRed mobile application. Watch for an announcement on the city’s website for activation of our CodeRed service.

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