It has been my privilege to serve

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you on the Rhome city council for the past two years. I'm looking forward to continuing that service; along with you, making Rhome a community with small-town charm and vibrant neighborhoods. As we grow, developing a prudent economic society with a diversified tax base; we make Rhome a safe, family-oriented city. A great place to live, shop, work, and play...a place where community isn't just a word, but a way of life and our home.

Two years ago you, the citizens of Rhome, decided to take the city back. Electing a council pledged to work hard for you, be transparent and concerned with the needs of our city.

Lets take a look back and see what we have done. Accomplishments

Here are some items we worked on this term that will affect the future of Rhome.

Prairie Point Subdivision

Bywell Estates entrance upgrade

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Main Street Rezoning


City Capital Improvements

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