Hello, My I am Leeanne Mackowski. A lot of you know me from being on city council for the past two years. There are also quite a few new neighbors in the city who have never met me. Soon you will see me walking around the city knocking on doors again as I campaign for my next term on the city council.

I grew up and spent most of my life in northwestern Pennsylvania where I worked, went to school and raised my family. I was fortunate early in my career to work for a company that took sock in their employees, enabling me to go to school and study electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer networking. Several years later I was again part of a group of plant managers that attended Business Administration and Management classes put on by a local university and sponsored by the company we worked for in northwestern New York.

From New York I moved out to California where I joined a large international industrial construction company. This is where I began my career in the construction industry designing and building major industrial projects. These project included natural gas and fossil fuel power plants, tar sands mining operation, drilling platforms, offshore drilling and compression platforms and manufacturing facilities. My work finally brought me to north central Texas in 2006 and to Rhome in 2009 when I built my home in Ellis Homestead.

For the first years here in Rhome I spent my time with my job, working around the house and caring for my spouse who was suffering from the ravages of a lifelong assault of type one diabetes. My spouse left me in 2011 and went home to be with Father in heaven.

With the passing of my spouse I soon found myself socializing with my neighbors and others I had met throughout the city. Like most of the citizens of our fair city, I had become complacent with the world around me and paid little attention to what was going on at city hall. Over time I started to notice a reduction in city services and heard complaints from others who had become dissatisfied with our city government.

I started attending city council meeting in 2015 and soon discovered firsthand what all the rumblings was about. The attitude that we could trust our city government to do the right thing, to spend our tax dollars wisely and to invest in those items necessary for the life of any community were simply nonexistent. The more council meeting that I attended the more I became convinced something had to be done to correct the direction our city was heading.

In May of 2016 two council seat were up for elections. I researched what was involved with running for one of the council seats and decided to take the plunge. I ran on the principle that a responsible government requires responsible people. As you have seen by reviewing the other pages that I have published here, I along with the other city council member and our mayor have worked to bring transparency and a city government devoted to the needs of our citizens. I thank you for electing me to my first term on city council and ask that you support me in my quest to serve you for another two years.   

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NOTICE: It is a violation of state law (chapters 392 & 393 Transportation code) to place a sign in the right-of-way of a highway.
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