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PRAIRIE POINT DEVELOPMENT DISTRICTS consist of the COMMERCE AND MULTI-FAMILY DISTRICT and the RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT. These DEVELOPMENT DISTRICTS are further subdivided into SUBAREAS that delineate specific development within the DISTRICTS. (See Appendix A — Development District Map and Appendix B —Development District Subarea Map)

The 102.50± acres of land designated as COMMERCE is for the development of small, single lot, one story, single-purpose COMMERCE uses and larger RETAIL power centers, shopping centers, MIXED USE BUILDINGS, OFFICES and for MULTI-FAMILY development of two to five story MULTI-FAMILY buildings.

The 209.88± acres of land designated as RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT is for the development of a mix of DETACHED and ATTACHED RESIDENTIAL. SUBAREAS include SINGLE-FAMILY DETACHED (SFD) RESIDENTIAL with a range of lot widths and SINGLE-FAMILY ATTACHED (SFA) RESIDENTIAL developed as TOWNHOMES.

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